Call on Andrea Young (Oxfordshire PCT) to resign as Chief Executive

April 16, 2009

Oxfordshire PCT logoThis petition widens the scope of the original protest against Oxfordshire PCT’s refusal to fund core surgical procedures for trans people. Nevertheless, it must be remembered that trans people face many obstacles in accessing all kinds of healthcare; obstacles which simply do not hinder cis people.

It is therefore worth supporting by trans and cis people alike.

We the undersigned believe in an NHS that should work for us. We want an NHS that caters for our needs whether it be cancer care, IVF, gender reassignment or any other illness or issue that is appropriate for the NHS to deal with whether a mental or physical health issue. We have lost confidence that Andrea Young can offer us this as Chief Executive of Oxfordshire PCT and as residents of Oxfordshire, ask her to resign so that someone proactive can take over.

Click here to sign the petition

(Curtsey to Richard MacKenzie for the heads up)


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