Every 15 days, another trans person is murdered in Turkey

April 14, 2009

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Friends of murdered transgender and Pink Life LGBT support Association [member] Melek K. (25) protest mounting violence and attacks in recent months. Melek was murdered on 10 April, at her home in Ankara, Kavaklıdere.

As the group light candles in front of her house, Pink Life member Buse Kılıçkaya stated, “they will gather here every Friday until the murderers are brought to justice.”

“Authorities consociate by failing to fulfill their duties. As long as the mentality which fails to find the murderers, awards them with unlawful reductions in sentences reigns, no one would believe that these murders are singular incidents.”

Activists demand legal and practical precautions to protect hate crimes.

Lawyer Senem Doğanoğlu reminds that violence towards transvestites and transsexuals are on the rise since the murder of Dilek İnce on 10 November last year. “An attack in every three days and a murder in every 15 days are reported” said Doğanoğlu. She blames the rise on the polarization of the society and notes that “LGBT individuals are the first to suffer from social violence.”

“An attack in every three days and a murder in every 15 days”? How long are the Turkish authorities going to ignore this ongoing war of hate that is being waged against trans people? Until every last one of my trans siblings is dead? And which minority group will be the next target?

I have no more words left right now, except to send my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Melek K.


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  1. queenemily Says:

    Every 15 days? Fucking hell. Do you wanna cross post at QT? That fact needs to be spread.

  2. queenemily Says:

    Though, I imagine it might necessary to contextualise that – ie what polarisation is occurring that’s resulted in increased violence against trans people..

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