Meeting on the Inquiry into the murder of Kellie Telesford

March 30, 2009

Via Aurora Croydon (thanks Sarah):

At 7pm on Thurday April 16th 2009 there will be a meeting with representatives of the Serious Crime Unit and the Crown Prosecution Service, where parties who have an interest in the investigation into Kellie’s murder can deal with outstanding issues and concerns from the community.

If you or your organisation would like to ask questions, or attend yourself, please phone the Aurora number 07733 286954, e-mail

Please watch this page. Details are still being decided.

Send questions in advance through the contact above. This is to ensure that the questions get answered, and, if possible, to get a reply to the questioner.

Please give as much background information to your question as you can. At lot of false information has been spread, and things that you believe to be true may not be understood by the person who replies to your question.

The number of places is limited. So please make initial enquiries as early as possible. If you are not successful in getting a place, please contact the Aurora telephone, e-mail or secure text link, and we’ll see if anything can be done. Written questions are very welcome. Please send them by Thursday April 2nd, if at all possible.


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