AzioneTrans Manifesto

March 27, 2009

AzioneTrans ManifestoThis is the English translation of the most popular Italian Transgender Manifesto. Mirella Izzo (Genoa, Italy, 1959) wrote the “Manifesto” trying to find a common feeling, among Italian and international trans Movement about Transgender Cultures.

She wrote for Italians but thinking internationally. The book was conceived for an international diffusion. It’s available in English, now, after 8 years, in an updated version.

Mirella Izzo is one of the most known transgender activist, in Italy. She has written some articles – on transgender issues – on Italian newspapers and – a lot – on internet. In following years she wrote more complex books, not yet avaiable in English. The “AzioneTrans Manifesto” is her first temptation in translating in English her work. The English book translation is by Simona Continente (not these notes)


Click here to download a PDF copy of the AzioneTrans Manifesto


2 Responses to “AzioneTrans Manifesto”

  1. prof susurro Says:

    thanks for this, I’m teaching intro again next semester and I’m always looking for global examples to ensure we think across spatial differences as well as intersectionally. :D

  2. Helen G Says:

    And temporal differences. Considering it’s, what, less than ten years old? it’s definitely “of its time”.

    Still an interesting read, though.

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