Update on the petition to protest Oxfordshire PCT’s refusal to fund core surgical procedures

March 23, 2009

Oxfordshire PCT logoJust wanted to give this a bit of a bump – looking at the petition website this evening, I’m very encouraged to see it’s reached 992 signatures – are there 9 more British citizens willing to sign and push the figure over the 1000 mark?

For the full story of what this is all about, see my post Petition to protest Oxfordshire PCT’s refusal to fund core surgical procedures (link here) – but in a nutshell:

Oxfordshire PCT has been operating what amounts to a blanket funding ban of core surgical procedures for gender dysphoria treatment. Since December 2006, one patient has been granted GRS, but only after taking legal action. The policy is due to be reviewed soon, and in preparation Sally Outen, Rachel Payne, Sharly-Clare Busuttil and Alina Whiteman have prepared a report (The Failure of Gender Dysphoria Treatment in Oxfordshire) which has been presented to the PCT, as well as other interested bodies. A copy of the report may be downloaded from the TransLondon website (direct link to PDF)

Please show your support and sign this petition requesting that Oxfordshire PCT addresses the inconsistencies in its gender dysphoria policy.

The closing date for signing the petition is 07 April 2009


ETA: 12:50pm, 24 March – 1,001 signatures!

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