Pachelbel – Canon in D

March 19, 2009

sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t.

growing up, my dad played a lot of classical music, js bach especially – i overloaded on it and didn’t listen to any for a very long time.

a couple of years ago i started to get back into it, a little – it was a refuge of sorts in the lead-up to surgery and i listened to this piece a lot in the days afterwards.

i’ve never been able to conjure up a mental ‘safe space’ to go to on the bad days and this music is about the nearest i get to cocooning myself away from things.

nowadays i share an office with a guy who has classic fm on the radio all day long and it’s kind of killed my taste for classical music, just as being force-fed it as a child did.

but this is still a lovely piece of music.


2 Responses to “Pachelbel – Canon in D”

  1. Ruth Moss Says:

    I have mixed feelings about classic FM. I was raised entirely on classical music, really. But it was all about listening to the entire symphony rather than just bits… always feel like classic FM is a bit like Tapas.

    I do <3 Bach actually, I went through a phase of playing nothing but Bach on the piano. So far removed from the real world, like differential calculus…

  2. Jen Says:

    I was brought up on classical music too, there wasn’t much else at home, but yeah, usually listening to the entire opera / symphony / whatever. And the chattering between pieces I’ve heard on Classic FM would just kill it for me.

    Actually I remember learning Pachelbel’s Cannon on the piano, it was pretty much all I played for about two years.

    Nowadays I probably don’t like anything much except for Bach, Stravinsky, and a bunch of contemporary stuff, and when I did a music course a few years ago I had a soft spot for the pre-Bach polyphonic stuff. Although most classical music just has me screaming and reaching for some Kraftwerk.

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