Trans woman stabbed to death in Istanbul

March 12, 2009

Turkish flagI’ve posted before about the deplorable situation in Turkey regarding abuses of trans rights. In that linked post I expressed my frustration and anger with Zafer Üskül, head of the Turkish Parliament’s Human Rights Commission, who said that “time and patience was needed for improvement on the issue”.

In the light of this latest news report in Bianet, it remains the case that his non-committal assurances are as meaningless as his complacency is unacceptable.

Transgender Murder in Istanbul

A man has stabbed Dilan Pirinc (28) to death, following an argument at her home in Istanbul, Cihangir. “Pirinc had recently filed a complaint about someone harassing her,” her friends told bianet after last night’s incident [10 March 2009].

According to news reports, a murder suspect is turned in to the Eyup police by his father. Nevertheless, police officials declined to confirm this information to bianet. Neighbors are said to have reported a fight in Pirinc’s house to the police. When officers arrived at the scene, they found her body. When an ambulance failed to show up, her friends arranged for a special service. Pirinc was taken to Taksim Hospital but didn’t survive.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights Platform (LGBT Rights) will make a press statement in front of Pirinc’s house tomorrow at 01.00 pm [12 March 2009].

“Violence towards transgender individuals is on the rise. Without an amendment of the Constitution’s article on equality to include sexual orientation and sexual identity, our lives will continue to be under threat,” the platform said in a written statement.

“For years now, we have insisted that transgender murders are political murders. A political power which resists to introduce hate crimes in the penal code, which refuses to see demands for constitutional equality in a country where murderers are let off with deductions of penalty in a system in which killing a transgender
individual is made such easy deserves to be protested to the end.”

Feminist and socialist groups condemned the incident and expressed support. Lastly, Dilek Ince was murdered in Ankara on November 10, 2008.(BC/AGU)

“When an ambulance failed to show up, her friends arranged for a special service” – why was this necessary?

Mr Üskül, once again, the time to face the question of trans rights is now. You and your parliament have the power to stop the tacit condoning of the murders of trans women in Turkey. When are you going to take action to safeguard the human rights of trans women?


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  1. Emma Says:

    ‘“When an ambulance failed to show up, her friends arranged for a special service” – why was this necessary?’

    Depending on why the ambulance neer showed up, it could be very necessary to mention. If the ambulance crew/dispatcher knew that the call in was for a trans person and they decided not to respond on that grounds it deserves mention, investigation and, if that proves to be the case, the people who refused to help should be disciplined.

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