REMINDER! The closing date for signing the National ID Card Petition is tomorrow (6 March)

March 5, 2009

ID card (front) smallLast month I wrote about the National ID Card Petition (link here) which has been set up by my friends at Gender Spectrum UK to protest the iniquitous and discriminatory proposal to introduce legislation which is likely to require (amongst other things) so-called “dual-gendered” people to carry two different ID cards.The GS-UK press release (link here) carries a useful summary, and the details are discussed in depth in several threads on their forum (link here).

At the time of writing, the petiion has received 779 signatures and it would be great if we could have one last push to see if we can reach the 1000 mark before tomorrow’s closing date.

CLICK HERE to add your name to the petition

The full press release from Gender Spectrum UK may be found here.

A PDF copy of the draft legislation may be downloaded from the government’s National Identity Scheme website (direct link to PDF here).

Finally, for information on the wider issues of this highly dubious legislation, which will affect all UK citizens, and which is being watched with interest by the US government, please visit the NO2ID website.

The petition closes on Friday 6th March. That is TOMORROW!


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