January 24, 2009

Black & Grey

Black & Grey

Light Red Over Black

Light Red Over Black
(Via Tate Collection)


3 Responses to “Rothko”

  1. msruthmoss Says:

    Oh, I do *adore* Rothko.

    I remember when I lived in London for a brief while I used to go the Tate Modern and Just. Sit. in the Four Seasons room. You are so lucky just being able to pop on a tube or two and go there!

    Maybe one day the exhibition will come to Tate Liverpool??

  2. One of my former employeers had a real Rothko in the lobby. I really liked it.

  3. alex Says:

    cant beat a bit of mark rothko – i have a print of black and grey on my wall which i got at the exhibition… loved it :)

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