Safety first

December 22, 2008

ecplh_454x480Caroline at Better Burn That Dress, Sister has written some eloquent and impassioned words about the proposals to criminalise sex work. The proposals are not only unenforceable but also likely to seriously endanger sex workers in England and Wales.

Via The Guardian:

What the new powers would provide

  • A new criminal offence of paying for sex with a prostitute ‘controlled for another person’s gain’.
  • Kerb crawlers to be liable for prosecution after their first offence.
  • The possible expansion of a scheme in Lambeth, south London, which has impressed ministers, in which offenders are routinely named in local press.
  • A stricter licensing regime to make it harder for lap-dancing clubs to open in residential areas.

Anyone with any investment in the feminist ideal of equality for all must surely agree that the proposals do not advance that aim in any way at all; in fact, it would seem more equitable to decriminalise and unionise sex work.

Caroline has written several posts on the subject; please click over and read what she says:

In addition, Harpymarx has written this post, and the English Collective of Prostitutes has organised an online petition to decriminalise sex work and prioritise safety here.

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