TUC calls for end to discrimination against transgender people

November 20, 2008

tuc_logoThe Trades Union Congress (TUC) has today called for employers to stop discriminating against transgender people in the workplace.

Violent attacks on people because of their sexuality are well documented – much less well known are the murderous assaults committed against transgender people.

In September 2008 at least 25 transgender people were murdered across the world, for no other reason than the fact that they were different. International Trans Memorial Day [sic] will remember trans people across the world who have been the victims of such crimes, and aims to bring them to public attention.

In Britain the trans community continues to face violent physical attacks, alongside prejudice and discrimination in communities and at work.

The TUC has worked with transgender union members and with representatives of the trans community to campaign for Britain’s equality laws to provide comprehensive protection from discrimination for trans people.

Although there have been improvements to the law, there remain gaps and widespread exemptions that leave trans people without full protection.

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: ‘Discrimination, hatred and violence are part of the daily lives of far too many in Britain, and employers need to make sure all their employees are working in safe environments free from discrimination.’

‘Unions need to step up campaigning for equality for trans people in the UK. We will shortly have a new Equality Act and the TUC will be pressing for complete protection for those people who identify with the opposite gender to the one that they were born.’

‘The murderous attacks on trans people worldwide – and the assaults we know take place in Britain – show that this community faces prejudice and bigotry.’

‘If Britain is to be a truly equal and inclusive society we need to understand the issues facing trans people, and develop practical steps to end discrimination in workplaces, and in society at large.’

Now all I need is a unionised workplace…


2 Responses to “TUC calls for end to discrimination against transgender people”

  1. You could always contact a union and ask for their help in getting a branch established at your work – they’re very keen to have new members!

  2. Helen G Says:

    SnowdropExplodes: Joining a union is one thing; obtaining union recognition from my employer is an entirely different matter.

    It seems to me that a perhaps more fruitful – if long-term – endeavour might be to begin lobbying our democratically elected representatives to fix the problems in both existing and proposed trans related employment legislation.

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