Who’s worthless, exactly?

November 19, 2008

Because we're worthlessA couple of weeks ago I blogged about the apparent assault and rape of a suicidal trans woman in Melbourne (link here).

The Herald Sun has now reported on the latest development in the trial as follows:

A DOCTOR has been found guilty of performing an indecent act on a suicidal transsexual patient.

Sulieman Hamid, 53, of Melbourne, touched the cognitively-impaired patient on her breasts and lips while he treated her for a slashed wrist in a cubicle at the Sunshine Hospital emergency department in June 2007.

The court was earlier told the patient propositioned the doctor while he was treating her.

A jury in the Victorian County Court today found that the touching did not constitute the more serious charge of indecent assault.

Remember the victim’s previous statement? “He started touching my neck, my breasts, my lips, (with) his fingers.”

So now we know officially – that’s not indecent assault.


It also found him not guilty of raping the woman at her home the following day.

Again, remember the previous report?

The patient said she […] slept until she was woken by a phone call from the doctor who asked if she was alone.

She let the doctor come to her house because she wanted medicine from him, she said.

After talking for a brief time in her bedroom the doctor started touching her, the patient said.

The doctor then allegedly digitally raped her.

No rape, no indecent assault.

FFS. Again.

Hamid, who faces a maximum of five years’ prison, was released on bail for a pre-sentence hearing on Friday.

Outside court, Hamid’s lawyer Nick Papas said his client would almost certainly never practise again.

“It is clear he has been suspended in terms of medical practice,” Mr Papas said.

“I expect that even had he been acquitted totally he would be stopped from practising.

“The man is going to lose his career, he knows that.”

Poor man. It makes your heart bleed.

Meanwhile, another of my sisters has, it seems, been violently attacked – and then spent nearly a year and a half of her life going through a legal ordeal in pursuit of some kind of justice – and what does she get? The knowledge that her alleged attacker is now expected to be stopped from practising as a doctor. Not even a mention of a custodial sentence.

“You’re a very naughty man. Take this smack on the wrist, go away and don’t do it again.”


Legal system – what frickin legal system?

If you call that justice…


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  1. nix Says:


    fuck the australian courts. seriously.

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