Pregnant man is pregnant

November 14, 2008

Thomas Beatie, the anti-Christ and trans man who achieved notoriety earlier this year for daring to be both a trans man *and* pregnant – at the same time, mind you – has announced that he is expecting another baby next June.

According to ABC News:

Thomas BeatieThomas Beatie, the controversial “pregnant man” who gave birth to a daughter earlier this year, reveals to Barbara Walters in an exclusive interview that he is pregnant again with his second child.

Thomas Beatie, a transgender, welcomed a baby girl, Susan, June 29. Since sharing the story of Susan’s birth with ABC News, he and his wife, Nancy Beatie, hadn’t spoken to the media until they sat down last month with Walters.

Thomas Beatie, who is in his first trimester, tells Walters he did not go back on the male hormone testosterone after Susan’s birth so he could have another baby.

“I feel good,” he said. “I had my checkups with my hormone level, as far as the HCG. And everything is right on track.” He says the baby is due June 12.

Thomas Beatie also spoke to Walters about Susan’s birth, which was not via Caesarean section. He was in labor for 40 hours; Nancy Beatie cut the umbilical cord.

Thomas Beatie is legally male. But as the parent who gave birth, he was listed by the state of Oregon on the birth certificate as the “mother.” His spouse was then listed as their baby’s “father.”

Later, those designations were scrapped by the state for the gender-neutral term “parent,” which is commonly used on the birth certificates of children of same-sex couples. For the Beaties, this was still upsetting.

“In essence, they are invalidating our marriage,” Thomas Beatie said. “It is very upsetting to me. I feel that it’s a flawed document.”

When asked whether he sees himself as Susan’s father or her mother, Thomas Beatie said, “I am my daughter’s father, and that’s all I’ll ever be to her. Nancy is Susan’s mother.

“It just goes to prove that mother and father are social terms,” he said. “You don’t have to be biologically related to your child to be a mother or a father.”


The potential trouble spot, according to legal experts, is not the wording on the birth certificate but the possibility that Nancy Beatie’s parental rights could be revoked.

As the biological parent, Thomas Beatie has legally secure rights. His wife, on the other hand, is not biologically related to their baby but is granted parental rights by virtue of her marriage to Thomas Beatie.

So if the validity of their marriage were challenged, experts say, Nancy Beatie’s parental rights could be in jeopardy.

“There is litigation in other states over whether their marriage would be recognized,” said Nancy Polikoff, a law professor at American University in Washington, D.C.

Polikoff envisioned a scenario in which the Beaties moved to a state that refuses to recognize Thomas Beatie’s legal sex change in Hawaii. If that happens, his marriage would be revoked as an illegal same-sex marriage and Nancy Beatie’s parental status could be questioned.


In order to secure Nancy Beatie’s parental rights, lawyers advise the Beaties to do what many same-sex couples with children do — have Nancy Beatie, as the nonbiological parent, adopt their baby.


The Beaties agree that adoption would protect them, but they don’t want to do that as a matter of principle. They see themselves as a legally married heterosexual couple. They note that they file taxes jointly as husband and wife.

“We shouldn’t have to adopt our own daughter,” Thomas Beatie said.

As always it’s “trans person: justify your existence to the almighty cis person”.

As always, trans people are second class citizens.

And, as always, cis people view the entire situation through the blinkered lens of cissexual supremacy.

But now – with added oppression! “We may not be able to stop him having children, but we can take away his wife’s parental rights. You want to mess with the gender binary? – Here, we’ll show you a thing or two about messing with our safe, comfortable norms”.

I mean, seriously – wtf? And *why*? Just what is the problem here? It surely can’t be that Nancy Beatie is a bad parent, otherwise this threat would have come up ages ago.

No, I think it’s more likely that the lovely lovely cis people, being oh-so-obviously threatened by this truly scary event are just having another little knee-jerk reaction; flailing about for reasons to smack the Beaties hard. For their own good, of course. And won’t somebody think of the children pleeeeeeease…

It’s rubbish, frankly. You cis people should be ashamed of yourselves.


Also via Courier Mail, Australia.

As expected, each piece contains plenty of the usual stereotypical journalistic errors and barely concealed prejudices and scaremongering – but hey, why let the real person get in the way of that good old-fashioned, lazy, tabloid-style reporting…


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4 Responses to “Pregnant man is pregnant”

  1. queerunity Says:

    i think the questions he is getting are ridiculous, look, is this unusual yes, but he is a human being, people should just leave him alone and let him be.

  2. Michelle Lee Says:

    I watched the show tonight (thank goodness for DVR) and I’m glad that the baby does have parents that love and care for this child. I am disturbed by the lack caring and hatred shown in some of the messages sent to Thomas and his family. Wishing death to him and his family. HOW DARE THEY. Why do people insist on judging what they themselves do not understand. At least do your research before you dare to put any judgment on ANYONE.
    TO THE ASSHOLE who said that god does not make mistakes. Did this asshole ever think that it was not a mistake that Thomas was put on this earth with the condition that he has. Maybe it was to show the world how diverse the universe really is. There are people born every day with conditions like missing fingers, arms legs, born with genetic conditions like cleft lips, down syndrome. The list goes on and on. Just because someone is born transgender, does not make them any different then anyone else. And it sure in the hell does not make them any less human. And until recently (last 20 or so years), people who are transgender had no other options to treat there condition. We have a viable treatment know, so back off. We have the right to treat this condition and we will.
    Sorry I got carried away, but all this get to me at times. I’m pre-op and want to be able to provide for my family and continue to teach my kids what values and dignity really means. Not Bigotry and hate.
    BTW, People should be ashamed of themselves to even think about taking Nancy’s parental rights away. They both seem to be a very loving couple and I’LL BET that there child will grow up to be a much better HUMAN than the bigots that have sent them hate mail or message.
    God Bless the Beatie’s

  3. Helen G Says:

    Hello Michelle, and thanks for commenting. Couple of things occur to me:

    1. Trans people have been subject to death threats going back at least as far as the ejection of Sandy Stone from Olivia Records – so a similar reaction to Thomas Beatie’s pregnancies is perhaps not such a surprise. Sadly.

    2. I have a slight problem with organised religion, particularly as manifested in the form of the Christian right. The concept of “traditional family values” seems to preclude pretty much any relationship outside a very narrow definition, which my tendency towards inclusivity makes it hard for me to understand.

    But I agree that the Beaties are more than likely to be as competent as parents – and perhaps more so – than many of their critics.

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