Call for submissions for enTRANS’d, a trans-queer feminist ‘zine

November 11, 2008

Call for submissions – Please distribute as you see fit

Deadline: March 1st, 2009

Submissions wanted for enTRANS’d, a new zine focused on transsexual issues with a feminist angle. Articles, critiques, reviews and short writings (short stories, personal anecdotes and poetry all accepted). International perspectives and experiences are not just wanted, but needed, so don’t hesitate to submit, no matter where you are.

enTRANS’d is a proposal for an anthology zine on trans writing with a feminist bent. The aim is simple: to add to the increasing visibility of transsexuality in the feminist and queer communities, feminist and queer activism, and the world at large. It is my belief, as a trans person and intersectional anarchafeminist, that it is in our best interests to make our voices heard directly. At a time when we’re making gains as a community, we’re also in danger of letting our voices be drowned by authoritative, established transphobic voices in the feminist realm, like Germaine Greer, et al.

It is my personal belief that part of our struggle has to involve talking, discussing, and provoking. If ugly arguments must happen, let them happen, for many people are ignorant and well-meaning. It’s not our duty to become educational experiences for people. However, I believe many fellow, cissexual and/or cisgendered individuals may be ignorant of our struggles, yet mean well and be willing to learn. I believe in the human heart, and I believe that the worst we can do is to stay silent and let other people speak for us.

I want us to agitate. I want trans people of all sexes and genders to be heard, our experiences understood as being as diverse as in any other group. Others won’t do it for us.

Let’s keep the momentum created by a multitude of great trans writers, online and offline, all over the world.

(Please note, this call for submissions is not limited to transsexual individuals. Allies with experience in trans issues and trans feminist activism and/or writing are also invited to contribute.)

Submissions, questions, queries, please e-mail Ariel Silvera at ascots [[AT]]gmail —DOT— com

(Already published writing is acceptable. Please supply the url, or reference if it is a zine, book, etc.)


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