Trans: A practical guide for the NHS

November 3, 2008

The Department of Health has published a guide designed to support NHS Managers in fulfilling their responsibilities under the Gender Equality Duty.

‘Trans: A practical guide for the NHS’ is a hundred page manual covering every aspect of what managers need to understand and do in order to ensure that trans people experience equal outcomes with NHS organisations – both in the provision of services, and in access to employment.

The new guide provides extensive background on trans people’s lives, along with clear direction on why it is important that NHS policy should ensure equal outcomes. It covers the requirements of the law in detail, and identifies areas where managers should be seeking to do more than merely comply.

Separate sections deal with employment and with service commissioning and delivery – with practical tips for what to include in the action plans for equality schemes. Service planning and delivery issues do not just focus upon gender reassignment, but include life-long care for patients who have a trans background.

Extensive annexes provide further reading, a comprehensive glossary of terms, and explicit guidance about commissioning services and how to set about effective consultation with stakeholders.

Click here to download the 2.7MB PDF file.

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