Julie Bindel’s statement

November 1, 2008

Just wanted to, I dunno, bear witness, as much as anything. Record for posterity. I’m writing this 7 hours after she posted it on her Facebook profile, and also here.

My £0.02 – I don’t believe her piece adds anything new or useful to the discussion which remains, in my opinion, primarily about Stonewall UK’s attitude to the trans community, and *not* about Ms Bindel herself, or her many, *many* words.

But given her apparent belief that it *is* about her, it almost becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Unfortunately.

Oh, and spot the dog whistles cunningly hidden in this short passage:

I believe that [the majority of the members of the transsexual community] are not interested in hearing what I have to say, but merely wish to use me as their ‘whipping girl‘, and to take all of their anger out on me. I refuse to be a scapegoat, or to be silenced by them.

Til Thursday, then, Ms B.


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6 Responses to “Julie Bindel’s statement”

  1. frances Says:

    Hh she just doesn’t shut up does she? On and on with the proud lesbian, victimised and hard done by a bunch of uppity trannies. She reminds me somewhat of Jörg Haider.

  2. drakyn Says:

    I love all the fucking lies in her post. Check out the radio broadcast for more recent transphobia–including a call to give us reparative therapy.

    If I could teleport, I would totally be at the protest. Unfortunately, my magical-trans* powers do not include teleporting. ;_;
    Stay warm at the protest! ^.^

  3. Helen G Says:

    ‘Course, if reparative therapy works on trans people, then logically it should also work on lesbians too… Or am I missing something blindingly obvious there? ;)

  4. Zagria Says:

    The interesting part of the post is the comments afterwards. Sophie of OII in particular make several highly pertinent points, and Bindel simply stops responding.

    The one transperson Bindel seems to like is the singer, Claudia, whom she interviewed for her column, and who publically regrets her change. Is Claudia’s last name withheld for privacy? Strange I learned it from the article on Bindel’s Hecklers program. Claudia like Alan Finch and Charles Hashimi does not take responsibility for her own decisions. And of course Bindel does not like those of us who do make and stick to our decisions. Hers is not a feminism of self-responsibility.

  5. drakyn Says:

    But see, trans* people are really just repressed homosexuals!
    Thats why there aren’t any queer trans* folks. ^.^
    We are also all gender-conforming and binary-identified! There aren’t any fem trans* guys or butch trans* women; and certainly no genderqueers!

    Actually, according to Julie’s statement, being queer is also a choice/socialized (its unclear exactly). Though she would probably not support reparative therapy for lesbians–since she sorta is one.
    Somehow, there is a difference. o.o

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