Doctor storms out of GMC hearing

October 31, 2008

Further to my post of Tuesday, about the doctor suspended for alleged hate speech (link here), here’s an update from The Press Association.

It seems that the charming Dr Siddiq has rather thrown his toys out of his pram, claiming:

[…] he could not receive a fair trial and stormed out of the General Medical Council hearing.

Dr Muhammad Siddiq, head of the Islamic Medical Association, dismissed his barrister and left after he was denied an adjournment in which to find a new lawyer.


The hearing continued in his absence and heard Dr Siddiq told a Pulse journalist he thought gay people were preying on society and that 99% of Muslim GPs shared his views.

All of which is pretty grim, especially when you consider that you might be unfortunate enough to have someone like this as your GP. What chance a referral to the gender identity clinic when the man with the power to enable that is on record as saying he thought “sex-change operations were a waste of NHS money”.

It hardly bears thinking about. And cis people wonder why trans people have such antipathy to an NHS which seems to condone the apparently bigoted and phobic ravings of this gatekeeper par excellence?

They must love him at CXH.


ETA: Via Pink News, this additional quote:

The letter went on to call a depressed transsexual awaiting gender reassignment “twisted.”

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