Stonewall UK, celebrity journalists and GLB transphobia

October 19, 2008

A few days ago I posted here about Stonewall UK’s nomination of the transphobic celebrity journalist and militant feminist Julie Bindel for their “Journalist of the Year” award.

It’s clear I’m not the only person to feel incensed by this outrageous condoning by a GLB organisation of Ms Bindel’s transphobic hate speech; an action which has, in turn, generated a huge outpouring of protestation from many trans people and our allies and supporters.

I must confess to being both surprised and disappointed that there are also some trans people who appear to think we should approve the GLB movement’s tolerance of, and tacit support for, the transphobia within its ranks.

Kudos, then, to Lisa at Questioning Transphobia for collating and publishing such a comprehensive information resource as the whole sorry affair has unfolded (and continues to unfold) this week – here’s a link to the archive for the ‘Stonewall UK’ category on her site, which offers as complete a roundup as one might wish to find.


ETA, Monday 20 October: The Stonewall Migraine by Sophia Siedlberg, writing at the OII site.

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