Transphobe Bindel Nominated as Stonewall’s Journalist of the Year

October 14, 2008

I’ve avoided mentioning this for two reasons:

  1. I think Bindel is possibly one of the most ignorant and hateful journalists ever to have been given a public platform (although it would be a close fight with Greer). Even on a good day this winds me up more than I can say and makes it hard for me to be objective.
  2. For the past couple of days I’ve been struggling with the most intense bout of PMS I think I’ve ever had. Today I’m absolutely raging with it and at the moment I don’t know that I can write anything much more than gaaaahhhhhhhh! grrrrrrrrrrrrr! kill all humans! oww-ooooooooo! Which is maybe not terribly incisive or insightful but it sure as hell makes me feel better. You got a problem with that, pal? ;)
  3. Other people have blogged about it far more eloquently than I can manage right now. So I think that, under the circumstances, it’s better if I just link and let people like my good friends Sarah and Lisa (also here and here) document it in a much more rational and lucid way. I know others have also written about this insulting and offensive farce – and I’ll link them too in due course…
    But right now I have to go and howl at the full moon which I know is out there somewhere, and snap at people, and kick computers because it’s about as much productivity as I can manage today. Oww-oooOOooo!

Oh okay, okaythree reasons!


ETA: And if that fucking spambot John from Asshats On Line doesn’t leave me the fuck alone I swear I will hunt him down like the mechanical dog he is and rip out his silicon heart with my bare hands. And fuck the broken fingernails. Fucking fuck. What is wrong with these people?



Second ETA: Okay, so now it’s later and here are a few other links as promised.


Third ETA (Thursday 16 October): Via Sarah:

This information has been passed on to me with instructions that I am allowed to disseminate it:

I have just been in contact with people at the Metropolitan Police(MPS). The MPS would normally support an event such as the Stonewall Awards they will not be doing so his year.

I am not going so far as to say there was a linkage. The reason I am told was along the lines of the awards no longer reflecting the MPS’s values of inclusiveness.

I should make it clear that they will still be policing the event and that any protest MUST be peaceful.

That’s all I know. Personal comment – it looks like the MPS have really upped their game after Toiletgate. This has made my day!


Fourth ETA (Friday 17 October): Lisa has an update here about The Gender Trust’s engagement with the protest – and, within hours, a rapid U-turn.

These organisations need to understand, and a bit sharpish, that if they ain’t for us, then they’re agin us.

And really, as the song goes – what have you done for me lately? Not much, by the looks. At least, nothing useful.



21 Responses to “Transphobe Bindel Nominated as Stonewall’s Journalist of the Year”

  1. Lisa Harney Says:

    I just put up a new post. You might want to link that one as well.

  2. Helen G Says:

    Thank you! Link added…

  3. Lisa Harney Says:

    This post.

    Somehow it unpublished itself.

  4. Helen G Says:

    That bastard.
    I’m just going to kill John from Asshats Off Line then I’ll be back for WP.

  5. Helen G Says:

    Okay, done – link added with thanks.
    Did I mention about killing all spambots too?

  6. Lisa Harney Says:

    I think you did.

    Stupid spambots.

  7. Helen G Says:

    Ah good. Wasn’t sure…

    Great post, btw. I cannot believe those comments! Honest to god if they really represent wadical lesbian feminism then… well… just… words fail me. Again.

    And I haven’t seen some of those quotes of Her Bindelness for ages. They haven’t really worn very well with the passage of time. Neither do they do her any favours. Well, unless you’re a WLF, of course, in which case you prolly think the sun shines out of her donkey.

    How is it possible that someone so completely clueless and so poisonous thinks that what she says is (a) acceptable and (b) accurate? Or even worth taking seriously?

    Facepalm, indeed…


  8. Helen G Says:

    Because I’m polite, I thought I should keep this bit of the comment I made at Lisa’s to myself.

    So here it is:

    “Fucking fuck! What a fucking idiot! Who the fuck does she think she is?”

    Yep, very sweary today.

    Bit fucking pissed off, too. With every-fucking-thing, actually.
    But Bindel especially at the moment.


  9. Lisa Harney Says:

    Feel free to swear on my blog, Helen. I swear there, everyone else can.

    I hope it makes a difference. I mean, Stonewall’s being a load of bloody useless bastards and all.

  10. Helen G Says:

    I cannot imagine what Stonewall were thinking of to do that.

    Although when you think of how we (trans women particularly) have been ejected from – not just gay rights – but so many liberation movements over the years.

    I mean – our trans sisters were there before Stonewall even began, ffs – Compton’s Cafeteria, anyone? – that’s over 40 years ago! Second Wave feminism? – 30 years. It seems to me that we’ve been ejected from just about everywhere you’d think we might find natural allies and supporters.

    Oppression? Well, that obviously doesn’t happen to trans people. What could we possibly need protection from?

    To this day we have to face down offensive behaviour and transphobic words and deeds, not only from anyone who fancies having a go at us, not only from some third rate celebrity journalist – but from one of the very organisations that should be backing us, not backstabbing us?

    And then people wonder why we’re so fucking angry? Well, let me tell you something, folks – it ain’t just the PMS.


    That’s for sure.


  11. Lisa Harney Says:

    Oh, they eject us and then they tell us that we haven’t really done the work so we have to wait our turn, or that our issues aren’t important, or that in order to get attention for trans issues, we have to devote all our energy to issues they deem important.

  12. Helen G Says:

    doof doof doof
    ‘scuse me, just having a brief headdesk moment…

    Ooh, and speaking of obnoxious transphobes, it seems everybody’s favourite Mandy has taken up science – link via Zoe B.

    The usual one-shot, drive-by, boilerplate bullshit.


  13. Helen G Says:

    Good response. I hadn’t appreciated the contextual (and chronological) significance of Brown’s True Selves before.

    It’s interesting to see that other commenters in different circumstances (ie on a science blog instead of in a cis feminist space) actually do seem more prepared to listen and discuss instead of just immediately going medieval on us for, well, having the temerity to exist, really…

    “For me, at the heart of the matter is that there are no clear, unassailable definitions of man/woman.”

    As you say, that is the truth of it.

    And from that starting point- to me, at least – it would seem to follow that it’s sensible to let people self-identify. Not tell them, for example, that they can’t possibly be a “real” woman because they were born male-bodied. And we know the rest of that line of attack only too well, unfortunately…

  14. Helen G Says:

    WRT the OP itself, I’ve never experienced the ‘phantom penis’ effect described. Post-op, for a couple of months, I intermittently experienced some quite sharp nerve pains – “twinges”, one commenter calls them – but my surgeon said they were to be expected as one’s internal ‘body map’ (neurology?) re-configured itself.

    Those twinges are now long gone and were only ever more of a momentary discomfort experienced as part of the healing process.

    Certainly there was never anything like the reports you hear from amputees of, for example, itches in limbs they no longer possess.

    To be honest, I was more aware of just somehow feeling right, ‘down there’, at last. Whole, complete. As I always should have been. In some ways it was similar to the way I felt when, in my early transition, the feminising hormones began to take effect. It felt like coming home.

    It’s at times like this I realise how badly we need a trans-specific vocabulary to describe our feelings and experiences. This whole comment seems to be couched in cis people’s terms and I’m probably more uncomfortable with that than anything, tbh…


  15. queen emily Says:

    That’s true, the language itself is massively problematic from the start.

    Before I started estrogen, my shrink and endo had warned me that I would feel all emotional. And that was complete bollocks, they were thinking in cis trans-misogynist terms. Whereas I felt calm, like a battle that had been waging inside was starting to end.

  16. L Says:

    I just wanted to add my vote of support over the whole Julie Bindel thing. I was so angry when I read that…also that she has a platform for her misinformed views. When it becomes dangerous is when opinion is presented as fact. Her article wasn’t even balanced. Just because that is the use of trans surgery in Iran doesn’t mean it is here. I’m in the process of writing to Ben Summerskill to ask him to withdraw her nomination. It makes me sad that all feminist are tarred with the same brush. To me it makes no difference if you were born a woman or have transitioned into a woman…Trans women just have both perspectives. Anyway…that’s just my two cents.

  17. Helen G Says:

    L: Thanks for stopping by!

    I think that Stonewall are now too committed to their process to withdraw Bindel from the nominees.

    Not that it matters much to me any more – I have had a low opinion of Bindel and Stonewall UK for a very long time, and there isn’t much either can do now to put right the damage they’ve each done to the trans communities of the UK.

    To be honest, I don’t think either of them is even interested in trying to make amends. “Any publicity is good publicity”, I think, as far as the cynical Bindel is concerned. And Stonewall UK ejected trans people ages ago, so they’ve already made it clear they don’t care what we think.

    They make a good team, now that I think about it.

    Good luck to them, really.

  18. Lisa Harney Says:

    What I meant in my comment there was that I’m not surprised any trans women experience phantom erections. A couple of my friends did, post-surgery, and since the nervous system is wired up to use a penis, I don’t think it’s directly meaningful either way when trans women experience that.

    And not all trans women experience it.

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