Because we’re *still* disposable

October 13, 2008

In August, when I wrote about the trial of Alexis King’s killer, the Philadelphia Gay News reported that he had been acquitted of murder charges but found guilty of voluntary manslaughter.

The murderer, Terron Oates, had his trans panic defence accepted by Judge Jeffrey P. Minehart and this was deemed sufficient to acquit Oates. The judge did not give an explanation for his ruling.

But now I see the Philadelphia Gay News has posted this update, which states that Oates has been given a 5-10 year prison sentence.

The conviction carries a mandatory five- to 10-year prison sentence, but since Oates already has served two-and-a-half years in jail, he can be released within 30 months.

However, if Oates is released after the minimum five years of his sentence are served, he must spend five more years under state-supervised parole and another five years under state-supervised probation, Minehart said.

The only part of all this legal complexity that I even begin to understand is that my trans sister Alexis King is not here today. She was murdered in February 2006, shot in the back, and it seems that some form of justice is only now being served on her killer, over two and a half years later.

Rest in peace, my sister.

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