PFC Needs Your Help in Raising Funds

September 27, 2008

Press for Change is a political lobbying and educational organisation, which campaigns to achieve equal civil rights and liberties for all trans people in the United Kingdom, through legislation and social change. Among its leading campaigners it includes Tracy Dean, Lewis Turner and Stephen Whittle.

PFC has been instrumental in lobbying for such things as the enactment of the Gender Recognition Act (2004), employment protection, and legislation on the supply of goods and services.

But as you might expect from their motto – ‘Campaigning for respect and equality for ALL trans people’ – their mission to advance trans people’s social equality is as important today as it always has been.

Now it’s time for trans people to help PFC in raising funds to keep this important organisation afloat.


PFC is always short of money, and as we start the next round of consultation with Government, we have to deal with the extraordinarily high rises in Train Fares, and other means of transport.

We have also recruited 2 part time members of staff: Dr Lewis Turner and Ryan Combs, in order to maintain office cover. We cover utilities costs by having them work in a room in my home. We have paid the wages of the staff, by the PFC VP’s and the staff acting as training and research consultants to various organisations such as the Dept. of Health or the European Union. But we find the very heavy workload we are having to take on to meet the salary costs, means the staff have little time to do ‘PFC work’. We need to try and get a better balance but we can only do that by having more money.

Our current income is around £250 per month in standing orders, and occasional small donations and anything we earn. This is only 1/6th of the wages bill each month.


You can do this by:

  • Holding a tea and biscuits evening, indoors picnic or just asking your friends for money
  • Selling your junk on ebay
  • Being sponsored for an event – e.g. abseiling down Canary Wharf

Or simply by making a donation – details below:

Write a CHEQUE in favour of Press for Change and send it to our main address: Press for Change, BM Network, London WC1N 3XX

Or pay by CREDIT CARD: We can now accept credit card payments over £10 through Paypal. Click on The payments are to Press For Change, required payment email:

Or BETTER, write to and ask for a Standing Order form in order to send a regular amount of money each month or year.

Finally, you can also send money from anywhere in the world, direct to our bank. Simply use your online or telephone banking system, visit or write to your bank and ask them to transfer the amount you want to give to:

Press for Change
c/o National Westminster Bank PLC
280 Claremont Road
M14 4EP
Bank sort code: 01-02-02
Account: 21752486

Paying internationally, you also need the following 2 numbers
Iban number: GB 72 NW BK 01020221752486

The bank makes a £7 charge for each credit received from the international banking system (CHAPS), so please bear this in mind when deciding how much to give. If you need an acknowledgment then email us and we’ll confirm when your payment has been cleared.


Our grateful thanks in advance

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