Zucker *still* to speak at RSM conference

September 9, 2008

Further to my earlier post here, it seems that the reparatist Kenneth Zucker will still be speaking at the conference on Medical Care for Gender Variant Teenagers, to be held in London on 28 September.

The conference is organised and moderated by Richard Green (formerly Research Director/Head of the Gender Identity Clinic, Charing Cross Hospital).

Clinicians presenting will be Professor Norman Spack, Harvard Medical School, Professor Marvin Belzer, University of Southern California Medical School, Professor Kenneth Zucker, University of Toronto, and Dr. Annelou de Vries, Free University, Amsterdam. All are engaged in extensive programmes treating transsexual teenagers with pubertal blockers and cross-sex steroids. Dr Simona Giordano, School of Law, University of Manchester, will discuss ethical issues. Teens and parents from the Netherlands and the UK, the latter having travelled to the US for treatment, will discuss their experiences.

Mermaids and the Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) are helping to fund the conference.

I’m a bit… lost for words, actually. Concerned? Dismayed? I just don’t see why or how Zucker (amongst other presenters at the event) has any credibility left whatsoever…



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