Open letter to the President of the APA

September 6, 2008

In my earlier post about the APA Task Force’s Report, which seemingly underreported the prevalence of gender identity disorder, (link here), I was grateful to receive additional clarification from Lynn Conway regarding the likely reasoning behind the apparent inaccuracies in the Report.

I see that Lynn has now published the text of an open letter she has written to the President of the APA on the subject.

What to do?

It matters not whether the APA Task Force’s falsification of prevalence values was intentional or whether it was due to carelessness, ignorance and/or group-think about old, oft-cited numbers. What matters is that the APA must terminate its propagation of erroneous trans-prevalence values and correct the Task Force report accordingly.

I recommend reading Lynn’s letter in its entirety; it’s published on her website here: Open letter to the President of the APA re Falsification of GID prevalence results by the APA Task Force on Gender Identity and Gender Variance


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One Response to “Open letter to the President of the APA”

  1. Lisa Harney Says:

    Nice. I hope it makes any kind of impact at all.

    Lawrence and Zucker need to not be allowed any kind of protocol writing related to trans people.

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