September 5, 2008

Aphex Twin – Xtal

(YouTube link)


3 Responses to “Xtal”

  1. Zenobia Says:

    Yay, Aphex Twin!

  2. Helen G Says:

    I was going to post either If it really is me (I know, strictly speaking that’s Polygon Window and not AFX, but, well, y’know) – or Digeridoo, but the vids were atrocious…

    Great vid for On, though…

    Nostalgia corner: I remember seeing him DJ, years ago, at Highbury Garage – it was around the time he was using sandpaper discs on the decks rather than actual records… Are you avin a larf, young Richard?

  3. queenemily Says:

    Oh AFX. Lahvly music…when he’s not breaking my brain.

    I actually stayed away from listening to him for a very long time, simply cos his fanboys are so annoying.

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