What if? – What then?

August 20, 2008

I doubt this is an original thought, but it only occurred to me overnight, and I just wanted to make a note of it while it was still fresh in my mind this morning.

I was thinking: What if? – What then?

What if? – What if the transphobes and trolls should be proved correct, and that trans people really are wrong; that there is no justification for our existence.

What then?

What if? – What if the transphobes and trolls are, at last, one day able to produce empirical evidence and undeniable proof that there is no such thing as transsexuality; if their logic was, in fact, irrefutable.

What then?

What if? – What if I’m really not just some ordinary, unremarkable, middle-aged woman who’s leading – or attempting to lead – an equally ordinary and unremarkable life, as I come to terms with an identity issue of immense proportions (which has, in fact, turned my ordinary and unremarkable life completely upside down).

What then?

What if? – What if I really am a deluded dupe with a combination of fetishes; a tool of the patriarchy, and a clear and present danger to all natal women – as the transphobes and trolls would have me believe?

What then?

You see, I’m not a medical expert, but my understanding is that the vaginoplasty I underwent last year is irreversible. I suppose my breast implants could be removed, if I could raise the money to pay the surgeon’s fees. But what of the HRT? I’m told that some of the changes are irreversible, and that, anyway, I’m likely to need the supplemental oestrogen until the day I die.


What then?

What would the transphobes like a trans woman like me to do?
Would I be expected to go into exile somewhere?
Or perhaps I would be rehabilitated in some way?
Would the transphobes and trolls offer any solutions for my (presumably enforced) detransitioning?
And if all those options failed – would I be expected to take my own life?
Or would the transphobes and trolls make those arrangements on my behalf?

What if? – What then?

I’m listening…

Soundtrack: Different Trains, composed by Steve Reich, 1988
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©2008 Helen G

6 Responses to “What if? – What then?”

  1. Debi Crow Says:

    wow, what a great post. and, yes, good questions. as horrible as it is to speak about, I’ve always imagined that they would not want to do anything about the trans people already in existence, but just wait until they die naturally and prevent any more being “created”.

    Your post has just highlighted the mindset that you must come from to hold some of the opinions they do. Obviously, trans people either don’t really exist, or are deluded, and in any case do not matter at all, according to them. All that matters is that they and their theories are “right”. Sounds a lot like fascism to me.

  2. queenemily Says:

    Hey, this notion that trans people wouldn’t need to transition after The Revolution ™ is Totally Not Fascist.

    Everything’ll be fixed, and, happily, trans people just wouldn’t exist as we do right now. PHEW.

  3. drakyn Says:

    Somehow, I doubt most of them could really answer this. I don’t think most really think this through entirely; they just want to prove their bigotry right.

  4. Helen G Says:

    Drakyn: I agree – but I also think that it’s time the transphobes and trolls were clear on their aims and intentions towards trans people. There is a level of sheer hatred in them which I personally find beyond intimidating; it is really quite alarming.

    They seem not to understand that being trans is not something I put on each morning along with my eyeshadow and mascara; and it’s not something I do simply to wind them up. It’s not about them. I’m trans. It’s who I am; it’s how I am. I can’t stop being trans because they don’t like it.

    So I would just like them to tell me: what, exactly, are they going to do about it?

    Besides banging out another 500 word piece of hate speech in some other trans-hostile space, of course.

  5. Great post, Helen!

  6. Even if you could stop, even if it was a choice…

    It’d still come under freedom of expression!

    And in any country with freedom of religion, any country with a respect for human rights and personal liberty then it’d still be ok for you to be trans.

    To call for otherwise is to call for an end to human rights, an end to religious freedom, an end to equality and freedom.

    And what ethical and moral argument supports feminism if we remove those principles? What supports the freedom of religion of smaller churches? Democracy?

    These twitterpating ninkompoops clearly have no idea of the consequences of their views. If they get what they want they invalidate any protection for themselves and all that is left is might-makes-right.

    Just the very basic principles of human rights philosophy allow for people to have free expression and free will over their own bodies. And that means people can be trans if they choose to even if it were a choice and that choice must be respected by all others if they wish their own choices to be respected.

    So anti-trans folk, go read about the enlightenment! Read some basic philosophy! Actually follow the inevitable conclusions of your desires. You’ll see they are self-defeating arguments. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    Mu-Ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaa…. There is no philosophically ethically cogent anti-trans argument. No-one’s come up with one! All possible arguments on the issue require accepting Trans rights or invalidating the basis of all rights!

    Freedom of choice. Freedom of expression. Deal with it!
    (someone get basic philosophy especially logic and the history of the enlightenment into the curiculum quickly, the world is filling up with stupid and we need the next generation to be more capable of thinking!)

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