Cis privilege – who haz it?

August 14, 2008

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5 Responses to “Cis privilege – who haz it?”

  1. Laura Says:

    This is ace :)

  2. drakyn Says:

    Bingo cards are fun. ^.^
    I made one a while ago, it’s still on my LJ somewhere.

  3. Kirsten Says:

    Heehee. I love the paperclip help at the side.

  4. Jan Says:

    what is “CIS” ?????????????

  5. Helen G Says:

    Hello Jan

    “Cis” = “non-trans”

    “Cis privilege” refers to the privileges that non-trans people benefit from, which trans people don’t.

    See also The Non-Trans Privilege Checklist and The Cisgender Privilege Checklist

    Hope that helps!

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