Transphobia at Pride – 2nd Open Letter from Met Police

August 11, 2008

Roz Kaveney has published the text of a second Open Letter from Commander Allen of the Met Police in response to the outbreak of rest room panic that occurred at Pride London last month.

Link here

There seems to be an attempt to take responsibility for some of the thoughtless and offensive comments previously made – Cmdr Allen even uses the ‘A’ word:

I offer my personal and sincerest apology that my letter did not have the effect I had intended and upon closer reflection I can see why this caused deep upset to some of the trans communities.

But however well-meant and sincere the letter may be, I do not recall seeing any similar reassessment of the situation by the external contractor(s) who caused the original issue by refusing Roz admission to the women’s toilets in Trafalgar Square in the first place. Perhaps I’ve just not been looking hard enough…

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