Daily Assaults on Personal Dignity

August 11, 2008

Last Friday, Donna Rose posted this piece – Daily Assaults on Personal Dignity – at The Bilerico Project (“Daily experiments in LGBTQ”).

The post provides a summary of some of the recent hate crimes against trans* people and is a useful reminder of the range and type of incident to which our questioning of our identities exposes us. The one commonality is violence towards us, in whatever degree.

Being transgender is a difficult life. There are no two ways about it. To hide it is to struggle with the life-long conundrum of knowing that you’re living a lie, a constant battle with the fear and shame of being discovered. To acknowledge it is to submit to the discomforts and ignorance of others, and to risk everything you know and love. For what? For the simple peace that comes with being authentic about who you know yourself to be. Unfortunately, many of us will never know that peace no matter which direction we choose.


I learned a long time ago that Dignity was one of those non-negotiable cornerstones of life. It became apparent to me that others couldn’t take it from me unless I gave it away. Still, it’s difficult to hold onto it during constant onslaughts of indiginities and disrespect. We have a word in our language for those who exhibit uncommon courage and resliliency in the face of daunting, often staggering opposition.

That word is “Hero”.

Another must read.

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