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August 7, 2008

Today, 7 August, is the thirteenth anniversary of the death of Tyra Hunter, a trans woman who was injured in a car crash, then denied treatment and left to die by paramedics after they discovered she had male genitalia. Caroline at Uncool has more links: click here.

Elly Rouge at Traningrad reports on the death of Rosa Pasos, a Spanish anarchist and transsexual activist: link here. (Curtsey to Lisa)

While I’m over at Lisa’s, she has an update to her earlier post about the murder of Kellie Telesford, a trans woman who lived and died in London. (Link here).

Queen Emily, guesting at Lisa’s, gives a timely reminder that “allyness” isn’t a one-off thing, a Girl Guides merit badge you get for posting about Angie Zapata that says “trans ally 4 eva”. (Link here).

And finally… may I recommend the following articles:

They are uplifting and inspiring posts by three brave and thoughtful writers. Essential reading.


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