Angie Zapata update

August 7, 2008

Note: Although I talked about the murder of Angie Zapata (and the confession of her alleged murderer) in this post, the most comprehensive coverage has been by Lisa; links here and here.

The Greeley Tribune reports that Allen Andrade, the man accused of beating her to death, appeared in Weld District Court briefly to hear the charges against him. Mr Andrade is charged with first-degree murder, felony bias-motivated crime, felony motor vehicle theft and felony identity theft.

Wait, what? “Identity theft“? I do not even begin to understand the twisted logic of someone who would apparently murder a trans woman in cold blood because he did not approve of her identity – and then proceed to steal that same identity while she lay dead from the blunt-force trauma that he is believed to have dealt her.

The court hearing is made even more heart-wrenchingly sad when you read the following piece in the Denver Post:

Angie Zapata’s family and friends celebrated her birthday Tuesday night and then faced her alleged killer Wednesday morning.

The party – a barbecue at the Brighton Recreation Center marking what would have been her 19th birthday — drew a huge turnout and reminded supporters of her popularity.

“It was something; she would have loved it,” said her older brother, 24-year-old Gonzalo Zapata.

I can’t even begin to imagine how awful the next day’s court hearing must have been for the bereaved family members and friends who attended, and who were there in sufficient numbers that they “filled half of Kopcow’s courtroom, with most wearing T-shirts bearing her photo. They sat quietly during the brief hearing, while a few wept”.

“Who in their right mind would do this to someone?” said friend Leticia Portillo. “Angie was a great person. She should have had a chance to live.”

A chance to live… Not exactly asking for the moon is it? “She should have had a chance to live“. Of course she should. But apparently Mr Andrade disagreed.

“She used to come over to our house all the time; we loved her,” [family friend Crystal] Benavidez said, adding no mercy should be shown to Andrade if he committed murder.

“What he did was wrong, sick in the head. If he did it, he should get the death penalty,” she said.

If convicted of first-degree murder, Mr Andrade would face a minimum of life in prison without the possibility of parole. His next court appearance will be on 26 August. Because the murder charge is a capital crime, bail has not been set.


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  1. Caroline Says:

    “Identity theft”?? What the…. how fucking dare he try the ‘transpanic’ defense, how fucking dare he??

  2. I can barely read these stories. They are just so horrific. :(

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