If at first you don’t succeed…?

July 28, 2008

transgender symbolLast month I wrote about the beating of Duanna Johnson and the slowness of Black civil rights organisations to denounce the police brutality against her.

It seems that Ms Johnson has been arrested on suspicion of prostitution once again. She was charged with prostitution before, but the charge was dropped.

The report by Lani Lester in the Memphis Commercial Appeal today is short and the details given are few:

Duanna Johnson, 43, was arrested on the 1200 block of Hollywood Avenue during an undercover operation in the area after flagging down an undercover officer and making arrangements to perform sexual acts for payment. According to the affadavit of complaint, Johnson, who is 6-foot-5, told an officer, “For everything, $30 and a beer.”

The arresting officers found a crack pipe when she was taken into custody.

Like many others, I await with interest the news of the outcome of her appearance in criminal court today.


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