Genome sweet genome

June 15, 2008

According to AFP, researchers at Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) in the Netherlands have mapped the full genetic sequence of a woman for the first time.

A statement issued by LUMC said, “[She]’s the first woman in the world and the first European whose DNA sequence will be made public”.

Gert-Jan van Ommen, head of the team that carried out the study, added, “The sequencing of a woman[’s DNA] allows a better understanding of the X-chromosome” (the gene thread associated with female characteristics).

Four other human genomes have been mapped previously – all of them men. Van Ommen said, “It was time, after the sequencing of four men, to balance the sexes”. (Via The Great Beyond).

(Wikipedia: “In biology the genome of an organism is its whole hereditary information and is encoded in the DNA”)


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