Still mad: more on DSM-V/Zucker/Blanchard

May 18, 2008

Further updates relating to my earlier post, Mad as hell

  1. Two Families Grapple with Sons’ Gender Preferences – Part 1 of 2, posted by Alix Spiegel at NPR
  2. Parents Consider Treatment to Delay Son’s Puberty – Part 2 of 2, posted by Alix Spiegel at NPR
  3. The Sissy-Whupping Method – Response to the two linked posts above by Holly at Feministe
  4. 3 Models of Transsexuality – Posted by Mercedes Allen at The Bilerico Project
  5. Who Decides If LGBT Is Normal? – Posted by Dana at Mombian
  6. Update on the DSM-V Issue – Posted by Emily0 at quench zine
  7. Scaremongering – Posted by Mercedes Allen at Transadvocate

19 May: And I must also add Zoe’s post The Science and Junk Science of Gender (it’s over at The Bad Science Forum) to the list of pertinent posts, albeit not directly about DSM and Blanchard/Zucker…


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