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May 5, 2008

Having just completed a short stint as Guest Blogger at The F Word, I’d like to continue writing the odd (very) piece about issues and matters that concern me as a trans woman trying to build a life in a patriarchal society.

So I thought I’d blow the dust off this blog, which I set up last year but have never used.

I plan to start by re-posting several pieces that I wrote during my time at TFW, beginning with some ad hoc posts from January and February 2008, through to a selection of posts made during my Guest Bloggership between March and May 2008.

After that, well, this blog will provide a place for future posts on trans*/feminist related subjects, rather than posting them in my Journal, which can return to being a more personal document of my transition, as originally intended.

And now on with the show…

©2008 Helen G

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